Services We provide


We work with you to properly discard, upgrade, repair, recycle, sanitize and secure your assets so you can avoid legal issues and information leaks.

Smart Value –

AE COMPUTERS, LTD has a simple value proposition. We recycle,refurbish, and reuse

Smart Data Security –

AE COMPUTERS, LTD values your data as much as you do. We use industry approved data erasure software to ensure your data is completely removed. Rest assured that your information is Safe with AE COMPUTERS, LTD . Data destruction certificates are issued at the end of each and every processed job.

Smart Electronics Recycling –

AE COMPUTERS, LTD main focus is keeping electronics out of landfills. We accomplish this goal by recycling and refurbishing the equipment we take into our possession. Our policy of not adding to the world’s landfills is not just responsible it’s Smart.

AE COMPUTERS, LTD has a simple value proposition. We recycle,refurbish and reuse