Ewaste Services

We work with you to properly discard, upgrade, repair, recycle, sanitize and secure your assets so you can avoid legal issues and information leaks
The top threat to any company is improper computer disposal. By leveraging AE COMPUTERS, LTD ’s computer disposal services for asset and desktop disposal, you can ensure that we legally and ethically discard your assets, sanitize critical data from the drives, and secure equity through scrap or brokerage proceeds. AE COMPUTERS, LTD catalogs, tracks, and processes the asset in such a way that eliminates any chain of custody issues with the assets.

AE COMPUTERS, LTD works with you to determine if your assets have any residual value for your company through upgrades or repairs and eventual redeployment, saving you money on purchasing new items. If not, AE COMPUTERS, LTD acts as the service agent, processing the transfer of both brokerage and disposal class materials using systems and bill of material processes that transfer the ownership of these assets to the purchasing party or to the e-waste recycler.

AE COMPUTERS, LTD works with reputable and EPA compliant recyclers, making sure your company is in line with regulations on computer disposal.

The recycling partners contracted by AE COMPUTERS, LTD possess the required local, state and federal licenses and adhere to the strict guidelines that protect the environment from unlawful dumping of e-waste, which often contains high levels of plastics and heavy metals.

As part of our computer disposal services, we completely sanitize and secure your assets, wiping hard drives to Department of Defense standards to ensure no data, intellectual property or business information remains. We help you avoid the risk of exposing your company’s sensitive information or violating Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA and other regulatory acts.

In the new era of environmental stewardship, there are not only legal but also moral concerns your company is facing, especially as these regulations become more restrictive in the next coming years. AE COMPUTERS, LTD not only helps you avoid fines from EPA violations, but also saves you from the potential damaging stigma of being a company that has infringed EPA rules. AE COMPUTERS, LTD ‘s computer disposal services make it easy for you dispose of your assets correctly.