Mission Statement

We properly recycle computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, copiers, UPS’s, batteries, telephones, systems, mainframes, fluorescent bulbs, and also several of other types of electronics. All of the recycling is made within the EPA, HIPPA, and FACTA guidelines.

01 Regarding the data contained on the hard drives; we use the Department of Defense approved program to eliminate all data contained. If this is not acceptable then we would use a shredder on site which pulverizes the hard drive into the size of a quarter all data will be destroyed.

02 We also, provide a Certificate of Recycling which states that we follow all EPA, HIPPA, and FACTA electronics recycling guidelines.

03Remember nothing that we recycle will go into a land fill or anywhere in the world without having any further use. We work with different vendors across the United States who will reuse any separated material.